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About Us

             What's New?

The McAdory Youth Football and Cheer Association (MYFCA) is a proud member of the United Youth Football of Alabama (UYFA) league. 2023 was another banner year for MYFCA having an incredible season with another UYFA championship win, State championship win, and post season championships! We are preparing for nothing less in the 2024 season.

              The Basics


McAdory youth football is a youth based athletic program teaching football and cheerleading to children ages 4 to 12 years old.  Working together for our kids is rewarding to everyone.  Being involved with this program as a parent is one great way to share in your child's youth.  It is our goal to build our children's dreams by promoting the ideals of good sportsmanship, good character, team spirit, and honesty all while having FUN along the way.

       Our Vision and Purpose

This program is a competitive program, and includes all desiring participants who compete for positions and playing time. Playing time will depend on a persons experience, ability, skills, understanding of the game, needs of the team, and game situation. The position and playing time are determined by the 5 to 6 coaches on each team. Based on the above criteria McAdory Youth Football park stresses full participation but also realizing that equal playing time is NOT possible. We do not have a "MUST PLAY" rule. Although the league has no "must play" rule, the league stresses participation for all. All kids in our park will have an equal opportunity to practice and develop skills and fundamentals, however, there is no way to ensure that all will play equally.  It is McAdory's vested interest to protect each child when it comes to safety while on the field.  



Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to buy thats not included in registration fee?

  • Football cleats

  • Practice pants and jersey

  • Mouthpiece

  • Optional to buy: forearm pads, rib pads & hand gloves


What does my son need to bring to practice?

  • A good attitude

  • Water or Gatorade

  • Cleats

  • Helmet

Practice typically starts @ 5:30pm unless instructed differently by your teams head coach


When does "full pads" practice start?

Coaches will let their team know after it is determined by the board of UYFL football league


How long is practice? 

It is generally 1.5  to 2 hours long per practice.


What if my child will not be able to make practice?

Attendance at all practices and games is required.  Any absence must be reported to the Team Mom or one of the coaches and let them know that he/she will not be attending prior to game/practice.  Failure to attend practices will result in less playing time and in some cases, no playing time in the game.


What day & time are the games?

The games are on Saturday unless otherwise noted.


If I cannot be at registration for Football uniforms or Cheerleading uniforms fittings, can I register late? 

Due to time constraints of ordering uniforms and other apparel items, we must turn our orders in immediately after registration; therefore there are no guarantees on late registrations.


What will be expected of parents during the season?

Parents are responsible for getting their children to practice and games on time.  Parents are requested to volunteer to help especially when we are hosting home games.


When are the schedules released? 

After weigh-in, which is normally late August.


Are you affiliated with McCalla Athletics?

No. We are a completely different private organization. 

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